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Hello from T-RAM … haha …   a SPOTTED DRONGO isn’t an Australian animal!

It is someone behaving like an irresponsible, careless idiot with his Gel ball Blasters walking around openly in public, parading his gel blaster  JUST PLAIN STOOPID!  

The team at TACTICAL-RAMPAGE love this sport and really encourage responsibility with your guns. We need to ensure that the sport keeps a respectable reputation, so we can all enjoy it and have fun. Don’t be a DRONGO …. Please if you see this type of behaviour, stop it as it will damage the sport, support and growth of gel blasting.

Always remember and respect the public, play safe and use safety gear. DON’T ever run around and play this sport in public areas….. DON’T BE A SPOTTED DRONGO


From the crew at T-RAM

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