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Welcome to TACTICAL RAMPAGE … It is going to be a blast sharing gel ball action with you!            First things first we need to mention TACTICAL RAMPAGE LEGALLY import stock into Australia before it is distributed to our valued customers.

PLEASE be careful when purchasing any gel blasters … many people are being burnt by purchasing gel ball blasters from other misleading websites. They simply place an order to an overseas company on the buyer’s behalf. Often, they will mislead customers to incorrectly believe that the product is already in Australia ready to be shipped. Please don’t be fooled by the marketing of these websites, Once your ordered product arrives in Australia the Australian ABF will seize your purchased products due to lack of correct permits for this product to entre Australia.  Your hard earned cash will be lost and your goods will be seized.

So please only purchase your products from reputable Australian businesses with stock already in the country.

TACTICAL RAMAGE is an Australian company and all our gel blasters and products are LEGALLY IMPORTED into South Australia.

We offer postage within Australia only , just remember if you are purchasing from another state other than SA, please contact your local law enforcement office as different laws apply for gel blasters in individual states.

Be safe and most importantly have a blast!


T – Ram

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