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If you are upgrading to an 11.1v battery or if you already have a blaster that needs an 11.1v battery charger then this charger will do the job. 

This charger can do both 11.1v and 7.4v batteries. 

Comes with Chinese wall connection plug. An international adapter is required for this product

This model not only continues the lithium battery balance control system used in the classic B6 model, but also incorporates the matching power supply manufactured by the original Imax RC into the main unit, adopting an integrated design, and only needs to connect the charger to the mains to start working! The stability of the work is greatly improved, and the whole machine is compact an more convenient to carry.

Description: Australian plug
1. Name
2. Input Voltage : AC 110 - 240V
3. Balanced charge current: 850mA
4. Maximum charge current: 3 × 800mA
5. Display: 3-color LED indicates the charger
6. Size: 90mm × 55mm × 35mm/3.54 X 2.17 X 1.38in

1 X IMAX B3 Charger 1 X AU-AC power cord

1. Led Indicator:
When power is on : Orange Stand by mode : Green Battery Charging : Red Battery Full : Green

2. Direction for Use:
I. Please turn on the charger first. At this time, the three indicator lights are changed from red to green and the charger works normally. II. ( Take 2s battery pack as an example ) Connect the battery to the 2s balance port. At this time, the two indicator lights turn red and charge the battery pack. Note that when a battery in the battery pack is fully charged, the indicator light corresponding to that battery the charger will turn green.
III. When all three indicator lights are green, the 2s battery pack is fully charged.