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Emergency Paracord bracelet with Ferrocerium Flint rod, steel striker and whistle, flint size 21mm x 4mm:
Strong 7-core weave cord. Cord diameter approx: 4mm.
Bracelet length: 27cm x 2.5cm wide approximately - Detached rope length: approximately 3.3 to 4 meters.
Please Note: Once the cord has been unwound it cannot be used as a bracelet again unless re made.

Ideal emergency bracelet: Many uses: shelter building, securing items, repairing gear, fire starter, signal whistle etc:
To use the whistle there is a small hole just under the blowing tube, Hold your thumb on the hole, works well.
The hole is to let any moisture drain if the bracelet gets wet etc:
The cord is not suitable for climbing or supporting a persons weight, not suitable for children.

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